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Nervous WRex by Dekumai
Mac Lying on his Belly by BiggestYoshifanStuffed and content (slightly) by Reyshi16<da:thumb id="438732174"/>Belly Rubs are Welcome! :3 (Request) by mariosonic029Bubble yoshi's revenge by yoshiLover1000But he just said 'woo'... by DragonKick
Flabby Yoshi by DragonKickThe Trailer Park...Sandwich? by Jeikutwo
Watch it Daren XD by TheYoshiMaster<da:thumb id="435665650"/>Kirby's new bed by MeleeKirby'Phat' Jelly Belly by MeleeKirbyFwoomphe'd Yoshiman by DragonKickTo the Juicing Room Inks by DragonKick
Bloaty yoshi by DragonKickLooka me I'm big by DragonKickMeh by DragonKickYoshi Animation by kiiroikimono<da:thumb id="431420489"/><da:thumb id="427882830"/>Lavalamp Yoshi by DragonKick
Never eat too much! by ZackTheRiolu
Pump up Yoshi by Virus-20Fat Kyle Yoshi. by Virus-20Yoshi eats your pie by Yoshi-eats-your-pieGreen Buddies ^^ by mariosonic029
Older and still fat by Ryuunake98
<da:thumb id="427352627"/>
Belly rubs for Yoshi-Senpai by JeikutwoWater filled yoshi 2 by Ai64Yoshi's Attacked By Weegees by Ewok00pYoshi Inflation Final by Niko-Maximus

Sexy Swimwear (Park Fun pg 5) by Toon-DragonAnother Very Fat Yoshi by BiggestYoshifanScenario Room 01, Option 1 by BiggestYoshifanChainchomped WIP by DragonKick
Squeezing in the back by SpikeTheFoxyYoshi
Request: Hugging A Fat Yoshi by RANDOM-drawer357Thyme in Tyson's universe. by trejowaukYoshi Eats a lot of Koopas!!! by SuperUltraMarioFan
Spike Belly Hold Down Animation (MV88) by Iggy-KoopalingDrew Yoshi In Yoshi's Island. by Virus-20
Yoshi Belly Stuffage by dragovian15
Fat Yoshi is Fat by Psycho-DinoSuper Jelly by DraconyaJelly relaxing by MeleeKirbyYoshi Luuuuvz Koopalings by LordWeegee64Smooshed Dice by Ai64Yummy 2 by Ryuunake98<da:thumb id="378499551"/>Jelly Belly by ChineseFoxTest Flight by ChineseFox<da:thumb id="370377271"/>Yoshi Fattening :P by DragonKick
Big squishy Yoshi by DragonKick[Comic] Yoshi's surprise 2 of 3 by fatty-piggy
[Comic] Yoshi's surprise 3 of 3 by fatty-piggy
Waterlogged Spike by SpikeTheFoxyYoshi
The-yoshi inflation 6 by SpikeTheFoxyYoshi
Blimpfied Spike by SpikeTheFoxyYoshiYoshi6 by Inflato-PhraggleSpike Ate Stryke by StevietheHedgehoghungry yoshi by StevietheHedgehogREALLY fat yoshi by 9000boyFat Yoshi by Heathcliff2040Chain Chomped by DragonKick
Spikes Inflation by TheYoshiMasterWyatt's vore by TheYoshiMasterYoshi's Little Koopa Binge by LordWeegee64Hey, Look What I Got! by LordWeegee64Fire seems happy! by TheYoshiMaster
Yoshi ate Bowser 2.0 by SuperUltraMarioFan
To the Juicing Room by DragonKick
Yoshi Inflation 2-3 by Niko-Maximus

Yoshi Doodles 4 by Niko-Maximus
Yoshi Doodles 2 by Niko-Maximus

Yoshi in Chef-Sketch by Niko-Maximus
Trade with Warriorofthestars by rossmallo

Yoshi Inflation/Fattening Part 7A by BiggestYoshifan
Yoshi3 by Inflato-PhraggleBlueberries by DragonKickYoshi blob waddle by DragonKick

Swollen Yoshi by DragonKick

Yoshi got the Fludd by DragonKick
Yoshi Doodles by Niko-Maximus

Blubbery Yoshi by DragonKickYoshi ate the Crocs by SuperUltraMarioFan

Laid-back Stuffed Yoshi by Niko-Maximus
It's Common Knowledge by Yoshi-eats-your-pie

Beached Yoshi by ChrisElFoxFat Yoshi for Fast Yoshi by Bowser-Eats-NachosJelly Belly's T-Shirt by MeleeKirbyBigdino and yoshi bellies by Ai64

Mac's Weight Problem by BiggestYoshifan

The_yoshi Eating Burgers by BiggestYoshifan

Getting Phat by BiggestYoshifan
Yoshi Ate Bowser Part 4 by samus0suit

Responsibilities of a Yoshi Lover... by SuperUltraMarioFan
Spikes inflation with the inflate-o-tron! by TheYoshiMasterSpike's Bubbling Body by SpikeTheFoxyYoshiinflated Spike belleeey by SpikeTheFoxyYoshiJellyBelly's BDay Request by ChineseFoxwaterballoon Tyson by SpikeTheFoxyYoshi

Fatty-Love-Trapped 3 by trejowauk

Cartoon stuffed yoshi by fastandfuriousyoshi

Morris' Everyday Accident by SuperUltraMarioFanYes-It-Is-A-Fat-Yoshi by TheButterdragonOops by scottcYoshi5 by Inflato-PhraggleKing's Of Fatty Yoshi Island by SnowGabumon
Fat Yoshi by matoro85

Waterlogged Spike (colored) by SpikeTheFoxyYoshi

Trouble Spike by SpikeTheFoxyYoshi

New Super Secret Weapon (Now Revealed) by SuperUltraMarioFan

Yoshi ate Bowser by SuperUltraMarioFan4 Flavour Fatty Feeding by DragonKickSuper Yoshi XL by Jeikutwo

Fireballs Out by shadowstep952Better Than One by shadowstep952
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